Takeshi Nakamura - Eros,Grotesque,Nonsense
Takeshi Nakamura - Eros ,Grotesque,Nonsense _[nchr005] - 20.08.05 genre:Glitch,different clicks

3.Flower of bamboo
4.Incects under fallen leaf

( Ogg Vorbis/stereo )

"Eros ,Grotesque,Nonsense" is the words that were used to express a
subculture of those days in Japan of 70's.

"..I have been influenced from the techno pop(ex.Yellow magic
orchestra,Kraftwerk)and hip-hop(ex.Public enemy,Run DMC)
in the past and sympathize with an artist who is doing acoustic
experiment by digital signal processing(ex.Oval ,Ryouji Ikeda,Artists of
Mille Plateaux) now. Was born and live in Tokyo,Japan..."

his home page
and his preceding release on Neural (Germany)

available on remastered CD-r (23 lim)
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