Nikita - Field
Nikita - Field _[nchr002] - 26.05.05 genre:jazzy-minimal with cool delay


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Derridism? Structural? - Improvisation from other room...

"Nikita, born 1956, lives and works in Dusseldorf (hometown of Kraftwerk), Germany. He was a double-bass player, before he became a freelance graphic-designer and multimedia-artist. Influenced by minimal music, post-structuralism and blaxploitation, he got into the electronic scene in year 2000. His music is comprised of recorded improvisations on repetative and unexpected machine effects and samples, with a flavour of the early 70's Miles Davis. His music is always a reflection on "how we make music today".

some more words to the music of nikita_field:
what?s very special on this music, is his ability for non-grooves, to
get a certain flow without moving, without grooving.
There is a lack of timing, witch he finds very exiting. It?s more
vertical, then horizontal. And there is no story, no begining and no
It just ends!
Nikita (aka peter uertz)
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